Being a parent is a huge responsibility. Being a parent of a child with special needs brings its own set of challenges. It is easy to become overwhelmed and isolated while focusing on your child’s needs. Believe us when we say that isolation will not help you or your family. 


Now is the time to connect with your friends, family, and community and begin the dynamic of informing others and receiving support. This cycle will not only contribute to you and your family’s well-being but will also benefit your community. 


Read on in this section to learn more about how you can connect with your community.


Online Social Community

Online Social CommunityAST’s online offerings are a great way to get connected to a community that supports, informs, and uplifts you when you need it.

AST invites you to explore our exciting new interactive website! is packed with resources, educational material, and the opportunities to connect with the autism community.  Content is constantly being updated, and we hope you will visit often to take advantage of all that we have to share with you. 


Journey Map

Along the autism journey, there are so many points that can present confusion, conflicting advice, and questions about what to do next.  AST has designed our Journey Map as a resource for those who are brand new to the autism community as well as families looking for guidance along the way.  Wherever you are on your autism journey, AST is here to guide you on your way.  Join us for the Journey Map launch in February 2014.


All Autism News

Our CEO, Ronit Molko, had a vision of putting all of the best news stories and latest research and technology information relating to autism in one place for the autism community.  That vision has become a reality with All Autism News.  We have a dedicated news page for each of the following topics: Autism News, Health Care & Science, Technology in Autism, Education, Research Journals, Teens & Adults, and Autism Blogs. We have selected the best news and information and brought it to one convenient location for you.  Headlines and stories are constantly being updated to provide you with all of the news you need and want.  Share features make it easy to email a story to a friend or share on Facebook and Twitter.  Visit our now to get informed.


Autism Spectrum Radio

Rob Haupt has been described as AST’s friendly autism tour guide. Rob’s extensive knowledge in the field of autism is only matched by his warmth and passion for the families we serve. Our show was created to support the community with weekly topics that matter most to you.  Guests include experts and authors in the field of autism as well as inspiring advocates and community groups.  Visit our radio show page to listen to or download our library of shows. (link)


Video Library

Our video page is full of great educational videos with insights and answers to support you and your family on a variety of topics.  Our videos will provide you with quick tips to your pressing questions in fun and easy-to-watch videos that average just three minutes each.  Explore our library now.


AST Blog

Just as no two children with autism are the same, neither are the interests, priorities, or needs of their families.  AST’s blog page offers a variety of voices and perspectives, including personal stories from parents.  AST Co-Founder and CEO Ronit Molko also contributes regularly with helpful suggestions and an inspiring message for the community. Visit our Blog Page now to read the latest contributions.



We know the value of being connected to a community that cares and understands.  We have a variety of ways for you to connect, share, get informed, and get inspired!  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or “Pin” with us on Pinterest.  Great new content is added every day.  Join us!


Parent Groups

Participating in a parent group in your area can be a great way to connect with other parents of children with autism. Group members share information about treatments and advocacy and often just enjoy conversations with someone else who “gets it.” 


You can often find a group that focuses on a specific area of importance to you and your family.


We highly recommend this type of social interaction. A quick search online with the words “autism parent group, your city” can often provide you with great options to explore.


Here are a few Parent Groups we have worked with and are happy to share:



Autism Society of Los Angeles

Autism Society of San Diego


OC Autism




Autism Society of Louisiana

Families Helping Families




Autism Society of Washington


Special Families of Pierce County