Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All Autism News is here to give you a summary of this past month’s biggest news stories affecting the autism community.



National News

Grocery Store Worker Lets Autistic Teen Stock Shelves, Causing a ‘Miracle in Action’
The Washington Post – Grocery store worker Jordan Taylor allowed Jack Ryan Edwards, an autistic teen, to help him stock shelves at Rouses Market in Baton Rouge on July 29.

CDC Expands Autism Monitoring Efforts
Disability Scoop – For the first time, the government’s autism surveillance network will begin factoring the experiences of teenagers with the developmental disorder.

Visualizing Life With Autism
The New York Times – Ms. Lefevre, 25, started shooting her brother, now 18, more than four years ago. When she started sharing photos of Liam with her peers or editors, she would often face stereotypical notions of what mental health conditions “look like.”

#TakeTheMaskOff Campaign Created to Encourage Autistics to ‘Unmask’
The Mighty – Most everyone knows what it’s like to adapt to a social situation or change your behavior slightly to make a good first impression. Sometimes, this leads to what many in the autism community call “masking.”




Technique Tracks Molecules That Drive Learning in Brain
Spectrum – A new method enables scientists to monitor the activity of key molecules involved in the growth and remodeling of connections in the brain.

Scientists Tie Specific Brain Circuit to Sociability in Mice
Stanford Medicine – Autism spectrum disorder is marked by severe social deficits. Stanford researchers were able to reverse those types of deficits in mice by activating a single brain circuit.



Career-prep Program Fosters Strengths of Teens with Autism
Spectrum – The students, mostly eighth graders at Public School 219 in Queens, New York, are part of a program for students with autism and their non-autistic peers. Launched in 2016 in three schools in New York City, its goal is to prepare students for their eventual career search.

I Was Bullied Because I was Different, Here is My Advice
Autism Speaks – Ethan Hirschberg is a seventeen-year-old on the autism spectrum. He started a blog called The Journey Through Autism where he shares his personal experiences, insights, and advice.



Coding and Autism: Learning the Skills I Need to Start a Tech Career
Autism Speaks – This guest blog post is by Peter M. Souza Jr. He is 34-years old, from California. At age 33, he was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. He is in his 8th week of Coding Autism.


Teens & Adults

How to Help Young Adults with Autism Transition to Adulthood
Spectrum – Our program teaches the children how to recognize their own emotions, have conversations, solve problems and build genuine friendships.

Tips that Helped My Son Transition Out of School and to the Workplace
Autism Speaks – This guest blog post is by Sandy Petrovic. Sandy Petrovic is a registered nurse, an author, a public speaker, a college instructional advisor/tutor, and the mother of a son on the spectrum.