Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All Autism News is here to give you a summary of this past month’s biggest news stories affecting the autism community.



National News

Home Videos May Speed Autism Diagnosis
DisabilityScoop – Short home videos may provide enough information to determine whether or not a child is on the autism spectrum, a new study suggests.

School Where Student With Autism Died Violated State Regulations, Officials Say
NPR – A school in California where a student on the autism spectrum died last week after being physically restrained violated several state regulations, according to findings from a preliminary investigation by the state’s Department of Education.

This Santa Understands Kids with Autism… Because He Has it Too
Today – This Santa doesn’t see you when you’re sleeping, or know when you’re awake. But he knows how to bond with you if you have autism.

Child With Autism Meets Santa for First Time
NBC – Matthew was born 24-weeks premature and is both blind and autistic. But despite his disabilities, he has a growing interest in Santa and went with his family to see Santa earlier this month




Notable Papers in Autism Research in 2018
Spectrum – This year’s list of top papers highlights new dimensions in our understanding of autism genetics and hints at novel treatments.

Second Study Corroborates 1 In 40 Autism Rate
DisabilityScoop – For the second time in a week, new data from a national survey suggests that the prevalence of autism in this country is higher than previously thought.

Later-born Siblings of Children with Autism or ADHD are at Elevated Risk for Both Disorders
MIND Institute – The study suggests that families who already have a child diagnosed with ASD or ADHD may wish to monitor younger siblings for symptoms of both conditions.


How to Design Spaces for People with Autism
Spectrum – For people on the spectrum, the physical space they occupy can go a long way in providing a sense of comfort and support. Architects are working with schools to create welcoming, versatile spaces for autistic students.

Boy Scouts Alter Approach For Kids With Special Needs
DisabilityScoop – Students in special education in the Deer Lakes School District are getting a chance to learn life skills and become part of the Boy Scouts of America through a new program.



Autistic Individuals are Less Vulnerable to Cyber Phishing Attacks than Others
Medical Xpress – An interdisciplinary research study led by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Computer Science noted that the detailed-oriented nature of individuals with autism spectrum disorder may make them better equipped to combat phishing attacks.

How VR Is Being Used to Help Children With Learning Disabilities, Autism
Variety – The United States Department of Education is betting on virtual reality to help students with high-functioning autism and learning disabilities in schools across the country.


Teens & Adults

Valley Program Teaches Young Adults with Autism How to Make Unique Gifts
Fox News – From learning to earning, the Seeds for Autism program expands far beyond teaching young adults with autism basic skills.

These Training Programs Steer Adults on the AutismSpectrum into High-tech Jobs in Coding and Computer Animation
SGV Tribune – Peter Souza is living his dream — what he calls a “one-job life.”He’s no longer sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, juggling several part-time, minimum-wage jobs just trying to survive. He shares an apartment, paying rent on one salary.