Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All Autism News is here to give you a summary of this past month’s biggest news stories affecting the autism community.



National News

New Group Faces Backlash Over Its Goals For Severe Autism
Spectrum – A new advocacy group for people with severe autism is spotlighting the deep divide in the community over who should speak for those on the spectrum.

When Your Autistic Child’s Biggest Bullies Are Other Parents
The Washington Post – Chloe, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when she was 4 years old. Though she struggles socially, she gets along well with other children and, for the most part, they are unfazed by her differences. It is adults who have caused problems.

Ithaca Teen Creates Lizards To Support Autistic Children
Morning Sun – Sensory regulation helps children on the spectrum self-regulate, meaning they can respond better to their environment. The lizards are made up of several colorful fabrics and filled with beads in order to give it weight.




Nerves That Control Heart Rate May Contribute To Autism
Spectrum – The new findings suggest that the autonomic nervous system is impaired in children with autism at around the same time as the condition’s core traits emerge.

Brain Clock Ticks Differently In Autism
MedicalXpress – A new study shows that this hierarchy of intrinsic neural timescales is disrupted in autism.The neural timescale is a measure of how predictable the activity is in a given brain region.

Psychotropic Drugs Frequently Prescribed For Autistic People 
Spectrum – Researchers say people with autism are more likely to be prescribed these so-called ‘psychotropic’ drugs than are most people who visit a doctor. There are no approved drugs for autism’s core features, so doctors may be prescribing the drugs for off-label use.


Woman With Autism Admitted to Florida Bar
CBS News – Diagnosed with autism at three years old, Moss graduated from University of Miami School of Law and had the honor of speaking at the commencement ceremony.

Girl Scout Duplicate Sculpture As A Therapeutic Tool For Children With Autism
USA Today – Knoxville Girl Scouts took on the project last year as part of their Breathe Journey. Since the Scouts presented the tunnel to the PLC at the end of August, it’s gotten daily use, both with groups and individual children.



Mapping Brain Circuits In Newborns May Aid Early Detection Of Autism
Technology Network – Using noninvasive, 20-minute magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, researchers have revealed some of the complex and precisely organized brain architecture that emerges as the brain reshapes itself during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Immersive Virtual Reality Therapy Shows Lasting Effect In Treatment Of Phobias In Children With Autism
ScienceDaily – Autism can affect a child’s learning and development, often resulting in impaired social and communication skills and many also have fears or phobias which can be very distressing but are often overlooked.


Teens & Adults

These Moms Are Building A Forever Home For Their Adult Autistic Children
Washington Post – Parents face an agonizing dilemma not knowing what will happen to the children they’ve spent their lives caring for. They came up with a plan to build an apartment complex that would offer their children community and a place to grow old.

CDC To Collect Data On Teens With Autism
DisabilityScoop – For the first time, researchers at four of the sites will look at 16-year-olds on the spectrum as well by factoring how adolescents first identified by the network as 8-year-olds in 2010 and 2012 have progressed.