Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All Autism News is here to give you a summary of this past month’s biggest news stories affecting the autism community.



National News

American Association of Suicidology Releases Guidelines to Help Autistic Crisis Line Callers
The Mighty – Crisis centers across the country will be equipped with a toolkit to help workers better support people on the autism spectrum.

New Autism-Friendly Travel Agents Can Help Plan Your Perfect Vacation
The Autism Site – From boarding an airplane to navigating a busy theme park to finding a hotel, vacations can be far from relaxing for some families — unless you can rely on someone who knows exactly what you’re looking for and is familiar with autism…

As Demand For ABA Therapy Increases, Investors Buy In
Disability Scoop – Autism therapy is attracting significant attention from private equity firms, a trend that could fund rapid expansion of clinics, but is also raising concerns about quality of care.

Why My Son with Autism Loves Unconventional Halloween Costumes
Autism Speaks – Halloween is the ONE day a year where being as different as humanly possible is not only accepted, but it’s praised! It’s a day when it’s OK for my child to stand out in the crowd.




New Techniques Extend Tool Kit for Constructing ‘Mini-Brains’
Spectrum News – Two new methods for building ‘mini-brains’ may help researchers study how early brain development differs in people with autism.

Could Brain Fluid Provide an Earlier Diagnosis of Autism?
Healthline – Earlier this year, researchers at Stanford University published research that concluded that low levels of the hormone vasopressin in a child’s cerebrospinal fluid could help researchers predict a child’s chance of developing autism.

Scientists Pinpoint Pathway that Impacts Features of Autism
Medical Xpress – A team of scientists at Florida Atlantic University has uncovered a brain-signaling pathway that can be pharmacologically manipulated in genetically engineered mice to reverse an autism-related pathway.



Sensory-Friendly Design Enters The Classroom
Disability Scoop – As more students with special needs enter school systems nationwide, educators are increasingly designing their classrooms to boost behavior and academic performance.



Studying Genetics in the Age of Big Data
Spectrum News – New biomedical techniques, such as next-generation genome sequencing, are creating vast amounts of data and transforming the scientific landscape. They’re leading to unimaginable breakthroughs — but leaving researchers racing to keep up.

Sheriff’s Lifesaver Program Helps Locate Missing Child with Autism
ABC News – A little boy was found safe and sound thanks to Project Lifesaver. Saratoga County Sheriff’s deputies say around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon a 9-year-old boy living with Autism was reported missing.


Teens & Adults

Autism Prevalence Program Expands to Include Teenagers
Spectrum News – The agency plans to fund up to two sites to review the records of 16-year-olds who were flagged for autism traits at age 8, looking at behavioral traits, cognitive test scores and educational services received.

Businesses Increasingly Hiring People With Disabilities
Disability Scoop – Falling unemployment rates among people with disabilities suggest more employers are adopting a similar mindset. The tight labor market is pushing companies to open their eyes to this untapped pool of workers, who employers say are loyal, enthusiastic and able to do the job as well as anyone — sometimes even better.

Good Work That’s Good for Business
Autism Speaks – In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October 2018, we offer this story about the progress corporations are making to diversify the workforce and include people with autism and other developmental disabilities.