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We don’t offer jobs; we offer careers that make a difference in people’s lives.

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Our clinical team includes over 100 BCBAs and 10 PhDs.

A career with AST means you will truly make a difference by helping children learn the skills needed to grow and become independent, while providing parents the training and resources essential to facilitating their success.



There is no one size fits all. Everything we do must be customized to meet the needs and goals of our clients.


Family Focus

We believe in supporting the whole family and including them in the therapy. We want parents to understand what we are doing in therapy and know how to best support their family’s goals when we are not there.



We love the science of ABA and use it every day to guide treatment.

AST provides the best clinical services anywhere. I see myself continuing to grow and develop with AST for a long, long time."

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We are committed to your professional development from day one, and we want to help you achieve your career goals while enjoying work you love.

In addition to competitive salary, AST offers the following benefits:

Comprehensive 60 hour new hire training with safety training certification

Health insurance (medical, dental and vision) for full-time staff

Support for certifications (RBT, BCAT, BCBA)

Free BCBA supervision and CEUs

Flexible Spending Accounts and 401k

Professional development and research stipends

Tablets for all staff

401k matching

One of the most admired and respected ABA agencies in the country.


Job Descriptions

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Behavior Technician

Entry level position working one-on-one with kids with autism and other developmental disabilities. Receive extensive training to deliver Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy (aka Registered Behavior Technician).

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Lead Technician

Build supervision skills by providing hands-on support to newer Technicians and helping BCBAs with their clinical programming. Opportunity to accrue supervision hours towards BCBA.

Available Positions

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Supervising Technician

Work under the direction of a BCBA as a mid-level supervisor in a three-tier supervision model leading a team of 5-7 Technicians. Opportunity to accrue supervision hours towards a BCBA certification while building case supervision and leadership skills.

Available Positions

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Behavior Analyst

Lead a clinical team as the BCBA supervisor. Mentor and train Behavior Technicians and ensure clinical excellence in programming.

Available Positions

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Managing Behavior Analyst

Lead a team of Supervising Technicians in a three-tier supervision model. Provide clinical oversight for all cases and leadership for entire clinical team.

Available Positions

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Assistant Clinical Director

Support one of our Clinical Directors as a member of AST’s clinical leadership team.

Available Positions

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Clinical Director

Serve as the head of a regional office, leading and guiding all things clinical and business related. Work closely with a team of BCBAs to ensure AST’s clinical excellence while connecting with your community and serving your community.

Available Positions

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Training Technician

Train and support other Technicians in direct intervention techniques while developing coaching skills.

Available Positions

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Advanced Behavior Technician

The Advanced Behavior Technician provides behavioral intervention to children with autism or other developmental disabilities and their families in a variety of settings. An Advanced Behavior Technician reports directly to a Program Supervisor or Behavior Analyst.

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