What Are Social Skills?

Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with others. They include spoken words, body language, gestures, eye contact, body movement, and more.

Some common social skills include:

  • Interactive play
  • Pretend play
  • Initiating conversation
  • Taking turns
  • Following directions
  • Respecting boundaries
  • Identifying emotions
  • Showing empathy

Learning those skills helps us to better engage with family members, friends, and the community.

However, for some people on the autism spectrum, it can be hard to pick up on social cues. At AST, we use compassionate, contemporary ABA therapy to help your child build skills and confidence in social settings.

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Social Skills Programs Often Include: 

Discussion, modeling, role play, and positive reinforcement

Art projects and other fun, structured indoor and outdoor activities

The social skills your child learns through ABA can help them learn the customary behaviors they need for success in school and life. Our techniques are based on science and are time-tested, and we’ve helped thousands of families overcome challenges related to autism.

Many of our locations run daytime, after-school, and seasonal Social Skills Programs. To find a location who offers social skills near you, visit our location finder here.