Helping Kids with Autism Succeed Academically

As you navigate life with your child with autism, you’ll likely be working closely with their school to figure out how your child can learn best in an educational setting.

At Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST), we work with schools in a variety of capacities, giving individual students with autism and schools the behavioral support they need to succeed.

Our ABA therapy in school focuses on maximizing learning opportunities throughout the day to help your child meet their academic, social, and behavioral goals.

To learn and grow, kids need to feel safe and be able to navigate the many facets of school. We take a personalized approach to learning — and create custom solutions for individual students, families, schools, and school districts. We are passionate about helping kids and teens overcome the many challenges that can arise in the school setting and reach their full potential.

But, to be frank, there’s a lot of red tape that comes along with navigating the world of school resources available for special-needs kids. School-based services vary across the country. Each state has different rules, and some have fewer resources than others.

What’s important to know, though, is that people with autism have legal rights and protections. The law requires public schools to make appropriate accommodations for students with special needs, including those with autism. In public schools, children with special needs are usually entitled to receive additional services or accommodations.