Therapy in a Center-Based Environment

Learning and Growing Alongside Peers

Our Learning Centers give children a chance to interact with peers in a learning-rich environment, while receiving intensive one-to-one support.

We optimize your child’s opportunities for learning not only by working with them individually to help them reach their individual goals, but we also give your child a chance to socialize in groups.

Our Learning Centers are more than teaching spaces. They help children develop the necessary skills to build friendships and confidence in social settings. Many of our Learning Center locations feature sensory gyms, group learning areas, and pretend-play spaces.

Designed exclusively for contemporary ABA, these unique, play-based environments make learning fun and engaging. They’re where your child can start on their path to success in school and in life.

We also assist in other areas, such as navigating sensory processing and communication issues. Our Learning Centers give children a safe space to develop their social skills and grow socially and emotionally.

Our experienced board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and behavior technicians (BTs) deliver contemporary ABA therapy that makes learning playful and fun.

Through group activities and creative play, we provide opportunities for children to build language and communication skills, develop social and play skills, build tolerance for new routines, and foster friendships.