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Melissa Furman, a Clinical Director for Total Spectrum, joins us to discuss the field of ABA and to share her recent research that is looking to improve staff satisfaction and reduce turnover.
Reducing Behavior Technician Burn Out
Three dynamic women and mothers share their perspectives on how to best care for yourself and your family while raising a child with autism.
Moms Roundtable: Autism, Wellness, and Motherhood
Arfa Alam, proud mother of two autistic sons, speaks about her husbands parkisons disease, her twin sisters hearing loss, and advocating for her two boys through a neurotypical world.
Advocating for Your Family and Good, Contemporary ABA With Arfa Alam
The Advances and Challenges of DEI Initiatives in ABA
Brandon Whitfield, Sr. Clinical Director for AST, part of LEARN Behavioral has presented at several conferences including BABA’s (Black Applied Behavior […]
The Advances and Challenges of DEI Initiatives in ABA
Dr. Megan Anna Neff, a Neurodivergent Psychologist joins us to discuss discovering her own autism in the aftermath of her child’s diagnosis.
Self-Care and Sensory Needs for Neurodivergent Individuals
Jessica Sylfest is the parent of a child with Autism and ADHD and the Sr. Director of  Talent Acquisition for LEARN […]
Back To School Tips for Parents of Kids with Autism
WEAP Director of Clinical Services, Dr. Becky Thompson, and Lead Technician, Reux Lennon, share about their work on the Neurodivergent Advisory Commitee and how they’re influencing the evolution of ABA.
How Neurodiverse Voices are Influencing the Evolution of ABA
Kerry Hoops the current President of the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin and the clinical director for Wisconsin Early Autism […]
Successful Models for Assent-Based Vaccine Clinics
Dr. Ellie Kazemi is the Chief Science Officer at Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE), an accrediting organization focused on […]
A Closer Look at The BHCOE