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Using contemporary ABA therapy to personalize treatment so your child with autism can thrive

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How We Help

Raising a child with autism is not a one-person job. We want you to know we’re here for you.

Our passionate and dedicated team understands that no two cases of autism are the same. That’s why we use science and data to deliver the most progressive applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, tailored exclusively to your child’s unique needs, behavior, and personality.

Our services can help your child:

Build language and communication skills

Develop social and play skills, while forming friendships

Decrease tantrums, meltdowns, eating fussiness, and other challenging behaviors

Prepare for and succeed in school

Mostly what our services can do: foster your child’s confidence and resiliency—and empower them to lead a happy, fulfilling life.

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What You Can Expect

Not all ABA providers are created equally.

At AST, we tailor treatment to your child’s individual needs, using contemporary ABA therapy, combined with clinical insights and best practices refined over two decades of serving the autism community. This highly personalized, client-centered model of care differs from other providers, who take a more systematic, therapist-directed approach.

Since each child responds differently to a treatment setting, we can work with your child:

In your home

At one of our Learning Centers

In the community

In partnership with a school

Through telehealth

The best part? Our programs work.

  • In the last 30 days, 90 percent of our clients have made meaningful progress
  • One-third have made so much progress in the first 18 months of treatment, we were able to recommend less intensive services going forward
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Who We Are

First off, we’re your partner.

But we’re also a team of data enthusiasts committed to clinical excellence—and to getting results for your child and family.

AST treats children in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana but also is part of LEARN Behavioral, a national organization made up of providers in autism treatment who specialize in delivering the highest form of personalized, evidence-based ABA therapy. Our more than 30 doctoral-level clinicians, 450 behavior analysts, and 3,700 behavior technicians make up a concentration of professionals unmatched by any other provider.

With AST and LEARN, we offer your child and family the familiarity and convenience of local treatment, with the advantages of a national organization at the forefront of autism treatment. Our local-national reach gives you distinct advantages.

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Why Work With Us

We don’t want you to settle for average treatment.

We believe in what we do—and know we can help your child make progress every single day. And, while our treatment focuses on your child, our services extend to your whole family.

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Individualized Services

Our personalized programs reflect that every child with autism is unique, along with your family’s values and priorities.

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Strong Collaboration

We consider you a core part of your child’s treatment and partner with you throughout your entire journey, giving you the tools, training, and support you need.

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Data-Driven Practices

We’re data enthusiasts who love the science of ABA and use it every day to guide and fine-tune your child’s treatment—and generate positive results.

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Our people make a difference, while working at the forefront of autism treatment.

Build a career that matters and makes a difference in the lives of families, while working with leaders and pioneers in ABA therapy who go above and beyond to support your growth and learning—and guide you every step of the way.

Jill Murray

“My passion is collaborating with families to develop programs that are unique to each individual and give children the tools they need to live their most meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

– Jill Murray, MS, BCBA, Clinical Director

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We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed—and are here to support your journey.

Reach out, and we’ll guide you on where to start.

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  AST is part of LEARN Behavioral