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We understand that sometimes you just want a quick and simple answer to a question.  Our extensive video library is full of guidance, information and inspiring ideas to help you have a successful day. New videos are added regularly!

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Treatment Integrity and Reliability

Dr. Hanna Rue shares information about the importance of treatment integrity and reliability in autism therapy programs.

Understanding Autism Research and How to Use it to Advocate for Your Child

The AST Speaker Series offers educational events to our staff, families and the community.

InformaciĆ³n general sobre el autismo

Información general sobre el autismo.  Autism information in Spanish.

The Premack Principle (or First: Then Rule), A Positive Reinforcement Strategy

Also known as the "Grandma's Rule".  This is a great positive reinforcement strategy to use with your child.

Halloween Tips for Kids with Autism

Here are some great tips for preparing your child to have a successful and fun Halloween.

What is Verbal Behavior?

What is Verbal Behavior and how can it help in the therapy of children with autism?

Getting an Assessment for Autism Therapy

AST answers the question, "Why do I need an assessment if I already have diagnosis of autism?"

What is a Systematic Review?

Systematic reviews of autism treatment literature can help you identify quality research and outcomes.

AST Learning Center in New Orleans

AST is proud to announce our new location and larger facility in New Orleans.  The AST Learning Center supports kids ages 18 months to 5 years old by providing a comprehensive ABA program.

Temple Grandin - AST Speaker Series

We were honored to have Dr. Temple Grandin speak to our families and staff recently in San Diego as part of the AST Speaker Series.

AST Celebrates 15 Years

On the occassion of our 15th anniversary, we are celebrating our amazing staff!

Medi-Cal Update Part 3

Final in our 3 part series.  Learn what you can expect clinically from your Medi-Cal or managed care plan.

Medi-Cal Update Part 2

The second in our series of Medi-Cal Updates.  Understanding the different kinds of Medi-Cal and how they work with your provider.

Medi-Cal Update Part 1

The first in our series of Medi-Cal updates. What you need to know if you are transitioning from Regional Center to Medi-Cal funding.

Tips for a Successful Halloween with Your Child

Some Helpful tips for creating a great Halloween experience for your family.  Read more tips in our blog here.

Evidence Based Practice

Hanna Rue provides a clear explanation of what it means to engage in evidence based practice.

Child Development: What To Do When You Think Your Child Needs Help

Seeking early support for your child can have many benefits, regardless of any diagnosis that may or may not come later.

Preparing for In-Home Autism Therapy

Great tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your child's in-home autism therapy.


Great suggestions for what you can do now to create a successful school experience for your child next year.

Summer Activities for Kids with Autism in Your Community

Suggestions for fun and recreational opportunities that may be near you.

The Value of Self-Management

Information about self management for individuals who are transitioning into independent management of their own behavior.

What is ABA

We break down how this science is used to help kids with autism reach their full potential.

ABA for Teens

Some strategies for finding an appropriate therapy program for teens.

Antecedent Strategy - Response Effort

In this video Rob explains a great proactive (antecedent) strategy to consider to support your child's success.

Taking Appropriate Breaks During Intervention - Functional Communication Part 1 of 3

The most ffective way to help your child with autism take breaks during therapy so that they are refreshed and motivated to succeed. This video is part 1 in our 3 part series on Functional Communication Training (FCT).

Managing Tantrums - Functional Communication Training (FCT) part 3

In our third installment on Functional Communication Training (FCT), Rob shares a clear plan of action to manage your child's tantrum and help them communicate what they need.

ABA Strategy: The Premack Principle

The Premack Principle, is a helpful antecendent strategy used in ABA.  Learn how you can use this principle to support your child in accomplishing their daily schedule.

Holiday Tips for Parents

Tips for parents of children with autism.

The 3 Pillars of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

These "3 Pillars" provide guidance for creating new behaviors as well as improved communication with your child.


In this video, we break down how to appropriately use replacement behavior strategies to support your child's challenging behaviors.


In this video, we expand on our Replacement Behavior video by sharing specific reinforcement strategies.


Children with autism often communicate through their behavior.


In this video, Rob shares information about great online resources that are helpful for parents in any community.

Priming Your Child with Autism for Easier Transitions

Using the antecedent strategy of priming as a way to help your child understand and prepare for transitions.

What is an Extinction Burst?

Learn what an extinction burst is, and how to move beyond it.


In this video we share a simple but powerful strategy to help your child more confidently achieve their goals.

What is the Differences Between ABA and DTT?

Explaining some of the differences and similarities between DTT (Discrete Trial Training) and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

Celebrating 15 Years - Los Angeles

Celebrating our amazing Los Angeles team!

Celebrating 15 Years - Orange County and San Diego

Celebrating our awesome Orange County and San Diego teams!