January Digest

Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All Autism News is here to give you a summary of this past month’s biggest news stories affecting the autism community.


National News

Colorado Springs restaurant ordering AI company finds ideal fit for workers on the autism spectrum
Denver Post – Anna is on the autism spectrum and is part of a pilot program designed specifically for people on the spectrum. 



Rethinking repetitive behaviors in autism
Spectrum – Autistic people have long maintained that repetitive behaviors are beneficial. Emerging evidence in support of this idea is shaping new therapies.

New Autism Study: Gluten-free Diet Does Not Help Autistic Children
Forbes – Parents of autistic children are constantly seeking new treatments. Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a developmental disorder that causes problems in social interaction and communication, ranging from mild to severe.

For Some Children With Autism, Dance Is a Form of Expression
The New York Times – Researchers are studying how movement helps children with special needs improve social communication and motor skills.

How a baby’s cry can predict autism
Boston Globe – Many new parents watch eagerly to see if their child is hitting developmental milestones, poring over parenting books and consulting doctors at the smallest hint of difficulty.

Teens & Adults

Man with Autism Opens His Own Coffee Shop After Struggling to Find a Job: ‘It’s Just a Beacon of Hope’
People – When Michael Coyne, a Special Olympics of Rhode Island athlete with autism, had trouble finding employment in his hometown, he started his very own business to help others like him.

Finding a Delicate Balance for My Son on the Autism Spectrum
Yahoo – My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 5 and had just started kindergarten.

I’m No Doctor, but My Sister Definitely Has Autism
The New York Times – Our advice columnist explains to a reader the trouble with armchair diagnoses.

Heartwarming moment a little boy with Down’s syndrome comforts his autistic classmate with a HUGE hug
Daily Mail – A little boy with Down’s syndrome was filmed comforting his autistic classmate with an adorable hug.